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Our training content production solutions enable enable companies to get learning content into the hands of their customers faster. 

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Some of our work


Rapid Academy Rollout

  • 7 Training courses
  • 4 Certification exams
  • Hands on lab environments with Strigo
  • LMS implementation
  • Instructor delivery services
  • Over 50 4K video lessons
  • Provided operational support and reporting
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Rapid Content

  • Built 5 fundamental courses to introduce Ci Media Cloud software
  • Over 20 animated video lessons with 2D and 3D instructional motion elements
  • Delivered 5 module assessments
  • Skilljar LMS implementation

Rapid Content

  • Built 4 training courses across 30+ topics
  • Worked with 7 different SMEs including nurse and clinical specialists
  • Delivered SCORM packages for all lessons and modules
  • Developed assessments for all modules


Rapid Content & LMS 

  • Built 15 microlearning courses across 240+ topics
  • Worked with 12 different SMEs including technical and finance specialists
  • Delivered illustrative motion graphics and visual learning elements for all lessons and modules
  • Developed custom theming and navigation in Hazeltree's Skilljar deployment

Rapid Content

  • Built 4 training courses across 40+ topics
  • Worked with 10 different SMEs
  • Produced both technical and sales enablement courses
  • Developed hands-on practice labs
  • Developed assessments for each lesson module


Rapid Content

  • Built 1 foundational course across 4 modules  containing  30 lessons to provide onboarding and overview of Striim Platforms
  • Worked with 7 different SMEs and 1 instructional designer
  • Over 30 animated videos including instructional motion elements and high quality, modern, professional screen recordings.

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